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    Enhance Your Everyday Life with a Daily Yoga Practice

    Practicing a daily yoga routine on the mat offers tremendous physical health benefits, such as ability to get a full body workout without expensive gym equipment. For some who prefer more gentle forms of yoga, a daily practice allows the body and mind greater relaxation and even a release of emotion as yoga practitioners wring tension from the body in twists and stretches. But these benefits don’t just remain with you in your daily practice. Yoga has powerful physical and mental benefits that persist beyond the mat. Good Posture Habits Good posture may sound like an old-fashioned concern, but if you ask any fitness fashionista, posture will be at the…

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    3 Writing Tips I Learned in One Week on My Bus Commute

    Days that begin with sitting in traffic, on the way to work, are never a good thing for my mood or productivity. It is a day that starts by oscillating between five saved radio stations, trying to find something appealing, to sooth the frustration of watching the digital clock of my car protract what should be a 17-minute commute into 40 minutes. This might just be me, but judging by the number of bus and bike riders I know, it applies to many of my generation. Driving is a massive stressor. Time itself is a personal trigger. And bad traffic is, therefore, like an updated, tech-age version of No Exit.…